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About us

Paraduana is an Agency of Customs Advising and Maritime Agency founded in 1997, whose main commitment is to serve the market with ethics, technical knowledge and professionalism through an advice that provides a fast and effective solution for Import or Exports, as well as logistics that allow fast shipping and reduced operational costs, along with its peculiar characteristic of always attending well, both small and large organizations that look for safe solutions for their foreign trade operations, for all the world.


We have a legal sector focused on customs issues, always aiming to guarantee the right of our clients, through appeals in infraction notices, administrative appeals, etc. Working this way, Paraduana has been steadily increasing its position in this market, being increasingly present in the customs operations in the states of Pará and Maranhão, always contributing positively with the objective of continuing to have the recognition of its name, not only as a service provider, but as a great partner. In terms of growth, Paraduana has around 25 employees and is a reference in providing import, export and maritime agency services in the state of Pará, serving customers from a wide range of segments.